Education In Rural Areas Of India


Education In Rural Areas Of India

Rural Education India

Education In Rural Areas Of India
       There are big intellectuals in India today who keep their own views about the education of rural areas, but they do not know the village level and give their opinion in the field of rural education.

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     But in the present times, rural education has gone far ahead, people are wrong in thinking that the level of education in rural areas is not right, but you can see this by going to the rural areas, that the studies are very good in the rural areas.

     Today, selected and qualified teachers by the government are going to every village in India to light the flame of education and provide education to rural children. Through rural education, teachers provide education to the children in their local language and overcome the difficulties faced by them so that children can easily understand and fulfill their skills.

      Quality issues are more powerful than poverty. But to make the students excited, teachers conduct many types of activities so that the students get excited and fulfill their skills. People believe that students are upgraded from one class to another without teaching, but that depends on their discretion. Some children are complete in this, some children remain only those who are weak.  

       It is not a small thing to teach children at the primary level, it is the small children who come out of the house and come directly to the teacher and they are blank papers. They do not know anything other than the home, they do not know about the outside environment that there are worlds outside the home, these teachers teach the children of such rural parents. And also increase the quality of education in those children.

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