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शनिवार, 28 सितंबर 2019

Game Of Rural Education India

Rural Education India

Game Of Rural Education India

       Sports have different importance in rural education. In the field of education, in the primary schools at the rural level, a period of 1 sports has been kept so that children are interested in sports and their mind should be exercised in sports and sports along with their body and healthy brain in a healthy body. Is developed.
       Many types of talent come out from the rural areas through play, we cannot think of a child who knows how to create history in a game, so all children should be given a chance to play.
    Through play, different kinds of actions can be produced in the child. In the child group, qualities like formation, direction, obedience, brotherhood, tolerance of tolerance can be developed.
      Sports have been made compulsory in education in rural areas, through which every teacher is running a program of education through sports at the rural level and both education and sports together create a complete education. Interest in children arises in various The kind of villagers feeds the game spirit in the children by feeding the game.
Game Of Rural Education India



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Rural education In India

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