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बुधवार, 25 सितंबर 2019

What Is a Rural School

What Is a Rural School

      Rural school means. Under the Act, the Government has enacted the Right to Education Act. There are arrangements to open schools from class 1 to 5 in a radius of 1 km from each habitation, village, tola, mazra, the condition is that 40 children should be available at that place to open the school from class 6 to 8. 3 kilometer and minimum number of children is kept 12

       The government is providing various kinds of facilities in rural and urban schools which also increase the attendance of children and which children also like, such as mid-day meal, book distribution, cycle distribution, uniform distribution, and many types of scholarships. Are provided to.
       All kinds of government facilities and always capable teachers with education and the sports-free environment through sports, activities, and activities in the government schools.

 Rural School

Rural School


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