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मंगलवार, 15 अक्तूबर 2019

World Hand Washing Day Program on 15th -Rural areas

World Hand Washing Day Program on 15th -Rural areas

         On the occasion of World Hand Washing Day, today on October 15, handwashing programs are being run all over the world. Even in rural schools  of  India, handwashing day programs are being run and children were informed about the benefits of handwashing. Are going We should wash our hands and wash our hands properly after thinking. 
World Hand Washing

       In childhood, we were taught in school that we should wash hands before eating food. Apart from this, many things related to cleanliness were told. Gradually, these things got included in our good habits, but even today many people around the world are not aware of them. The purpose of World Hand Washing Day is to spread this awareness to society.
World Hand Washing

         Actually, it is a part of health awareness. Because diseases can be avoided by hand washing, and this is a good initiative towards better health. Every person should be aware of these small things about health, so that we can build a healthy society.
World Hand Washing

        On completion of ten years of World Hand Washing Day, the theme of awareness programs will be 'Clean hand-health medicine'. During this time, school children will be informed about the benefits of washing hands. Let us know that due to many things like touching, using and doing many daily tasks, there is unseen dirt hidden in our hands. This dirt goes into our body without washing hands and taking food and beverages and gives rise to diseases. World Hand Washing Day is celebrated on October 15 all over the world to create awareness about handwashing.
World Hand Washing

       Only 40 percent of fatal diseases can be avoided with this awareness. Diarrhea and respiratory diseases are mainly caused by dirt. Washing hands is the most effective and economical way to prevent diarrhea and respiratory infections. Instructions have also been issued to ensure participation of women and youth on handwashing day to be held on Gram Panchayat.
World Hand Washing

        This event will be organized from village to village. For this, the Panchayati Raj Department has made detailed preparations. This event will be held in every gram panchayat. Apart from this, children in government schools will also be given rites of cleaning hands.
Hand Washing Day is observed from the year 2008 to October 15, in this regard, instructions have been given to the Assistant Development Officer (Panchayat) that a seminar should be organized in each gram panchayat to generate awareness about handwashing.
World Hand Washing


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