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सोमवार, 11 नवंबर 2019

Rural education In India-primary education TLM

primary education TLM-Rural education In India

       The medium of education in sports and sports has been given the first priority by TLM so that the child can get an education through TLM and TLM is also known as teaching aids and teaching-learning- material.

          The purpose is to feed them, keep them quiet or provide them with unique knowledge subconsciously, while they are concentrating or entertaining themselves using these gadgets. 

Everyone is connected to the Internet to some extent. Despite the positive and negative effects, as the 3rd generation technology succession reached this level, it is quite inevitable that embracing the fusion of technologies is just a matter of time. Embarking on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), technology and market leaders are already forecasting what will be the future trends. These include massive job losses due to automation, 10 percent clothes, and spectacles being connected to the internet, mobile phone implants in the human body, 90 percent of people to have unlimited free cloud storage,10 percent cars to be driverless, cities without traffic lights, 3d printed cars, 3d printed organs, etc. While these dreams are becoming reality, the choice is on us; either we could whimsically wait for this amazing future to happen and see who leads the world, or it is for us to claim a stake to lead the world together.

     teachers and educators seldom know what opportunities and disruptions are waiting for foIn the quest for this answer, last year Access to Information (a2i) Programme organized a few workshops futurists, designers, journalists, development partners, and students together to discuss “Future Education”. Experts have opined that a future learner should have attributes of “Being a Solution”. To be a solution he/she should have major 8 characteristics of behavior that can be expressed in short as “6CAP”. That indicates a learner will be Creative, Critical Thinker/Problem Solver, Collaborative, Communicative, Change Maker, Citizen (active and global), Adaptive and Productive. Besides, having subject knowledge and occupational training a learner should have 6CAP characteristics that will help him/her to adjust to a new situation and lead the country with others.r our students. So global leaders are searching for the answer to what our future learners should look like. 

      To ensure these characteristics in a learner, the teaching-learning process, environment, resource, teacher, assessment and overall curriculum must be reshaped. More precisely we need to focus on three most prioritized courses of action which are formative assessment along with interactive teaching-learning method, self-motivated and well-trained teachers, and visionary educational leaders to ensure quality education.
       Formative assessment is a continuous evaluation process that helps teachers to teach better and learners to learn better. Various FA tools can be used in the classroom locally and globally such as Think-Pair-Share, Daring Doodles, Roll the Die, Quick summaries, Round Robin Charts, Talk Show Panel, Interview, etc. Many more interactive FA tools can be practiced within the classroom hours. Besides, formative assessment requires a new set of teaching-learning method (TLM).

       One very good example of TLM is Project-Based Learning (PBL). PBL is a powerful learning process that boosts learner's critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication and collaboration skills simultaneously. It takes learners on a cool and extraordinary journey of creativity, an exploration that is relevant to the real world. To
This does not mean that they have to be super-geniuses, subject specialists or a first-class graduate, rather it refers to people who love teaching, know how to engage learners, how to unleash their inner potentiality with quality test and feedback, how to prepare young people for the future by embedding them with curiosity and life-long learning behaviours.


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Rural education In India

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