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    A person does not desist from going to any extent for his selfishness, just how he should be benefited financially and whether in a moral or ethical way. Take this situation in any field, whether it is in the field of education or health sector because if the facilities of our country or state are not well in both the areas, then our country or state will not be oriented towards development in the future.

The future of the country is fully related to the health of the people and education of the next generation. If the public is uneducated or patient then the all-round development of the future of the country will be a failure. For the past several decades, our governments have been making a lot of efforts to improve primary education and health services. But the results remain negligible.

The entire future of our country is the students of Phulwari and the new young generation of the country. If we do not take any important steps in the field of education and healthcare, reforms as soon as possible, tomorrow we can never be groomed, because the truth is bitter but later its fruit also seems to be happy. On the contrary, if both the above areas are quickly rectified by our central and state governments, then our India will soon be at the forefront of the developed countries.

Parents do not consider it appropriate to get their child admitted to government schools. Because the atmosphere of the government campus became such that it was no longer possible to get modern education. Even then, why not a government teacher has remained as a government servant only.

 The duty of government teachers ends in completing the registrar of nutrition or there is less enthusiasm for teaching children in government teachers, often seen somewhere.

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