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Reduction in quality of primary education system

Reduction in quality of primary education system
 The Rural education Scenario In India 
          Rural education One of the main reasons for the decrease in the quality of the primary education system of the country is that its responsibility has been left entirely to the state governments. Even after coming in the present time, the education system is being run in such a way that it has become a negative exhibition of society. Older courses in education are not fit to compete in the current competitive world.

           The policymakers of the country are well aware that only by making education at an advanced level, we can be distinguished as a healthy democratic and developed country. But the lack of will power and political interests are being played with the future of the country.

        Rural education in primary and secondary schools neither the standard of education is improving nor the students are getting basic facilities. Obviously, unless a major step is taken for the improvement of education in primary schools, the situation will not change. Government schools are left for the children of the lower middle class and economically normal people. A large population of the country is dependent on government schools. Then no matter how they are. These schools have neither qualified teachers nor basic facilities.

    The reality of Rural education in these schools tells the report of the voluntary organization Pratham every year. Senior officers and government employees who have better financial conditions teach their children in private schools. The plight of government schools has arisen due to the lack of compulsory education of the children of the officials in government schools. When the children of these officers do not study in government schools, they do not have any direct attachment to these schools. 
       They do not pay attention to these schools. The quality of education does not mean that the teacher should teach in an interesting way, but the school building, library and playground, training of teachers, adequate seating, teacher-student ratio, adequate toilets (for boys and girls - Separate) etc. and some other things like the behavior of teachers and reduction in social harmony etc. are such things which are the major factors in the lack of quality education.

        In fact, simply allocating funds and providing infrastructural facilities to government schools will not be sufficient. For the improvement of primary education, there is a need for thorough reforms and regulation in the entire system by inspecting the flaws. Government schools should have buildings and necessary facilities. There should also be a sufficient number of teachers and other employees. Qualitative improvement in school education will not be possible only with organizational changes. There is a need for huge financial investment in school education in Hindi speaking states, so that necessary basic modern facilities are available to every school. Substantial improvements in the quality of reading can be made by extensive use of information technology. By giving laptops, tablets to teachers and students, that traditional learning system can be dispensed with, which makes the children a Rattu Parrot. Information technology is expensive. But it is necessary to make the children of these states at par with the children of other states. There is a need to revolutionize the education and training of teachers to get rid of the curse of mass molestation.

    Rural education Many policymakers associated with education campaigns in India believe that India has to face tough challenges in the coming years to improve the condition of primary education. Childhood is invaluable and is attained only for a few initial years in life, so children should be given ample opportunity to enjoy childhood and social development by keeping the weight of baggage low. There should be a two-pronged strategy to improve government schools and strengthen primary education. The society or state will be able to achieve its maximum development only when every person of society will be able to increase its capacity.

Rural education The role of teachers is the most important in educational reform. Therefore, the ratio between teachers and students should be corrected and ideally, a teacher should be given the responsibility to teach only 20 children properly. Provide better training to teachers They should be assigned to trained, qualified and capable trainers for good training. Only after proper evaluation of teachers can they be trained in innovative methods and sent to schools. For this, the 'Educational Reference and Source Center' can also be developed in every state.

       Rural education There is also a need to make the parents aware to improve the primary education system because, in the absence of information about many government projects in the education sector, parents are not able to pay special attention to the education of children. To improve school education, we also have to revise the current educational objectives. Education is not just a means to pass an exam or get a job/employment.

          Rural Education is also necessary for the personality development of students, the development of inherent capabilities, and for building a healthy life. Education should motivate every child to become the best human being, only then it can be meaningful. It has been said that there is no significant difference between the behavior and character of the educated and non-educated person. On the contrary, after reading and writing, a person starts stealing from labor and gets involved in many misdeeds. In a way, this situation proves the failure of our current educational system. Therefore, it is necessary that the objectives of education are defined and revised in a timely manner and their narrow mindset towards education is removed.


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