Importance of education in rural areas


Importance of education in rural areas

   Rural school means-
                Rural school means. Under the Act, Rural Education the Govt has enacted the Right to Education Act. to open schools from Rural Education classes 1 to 5.


The condition of rural education in India is very critical, the government continues to practice day-to-day education.
Due to which the situation of education is fragile.
The condition of education in rural areas is not satisfactory even in this revolutionary period of education. It is our misfortune that while the whole world is touching the sky-high in the field of education, the condition of education in the rural areas of our country is still worrying.
Revolutionary change in the education of rural areas. However, the government is doing everything possible to fully educate our country which is commendable. Its effect is also seen in rural areas. But its result is still insufficient in rural areas. Let's discuss in detail the importance, problem, solution, and impact of this.

Importance of education in rural areas-
          Our country is an agricultural country and rural areas are mostly dependent on agriculture. If the people of rural areas will be educated, then they will be able to strengthen their economic condition by using the new technology of agriculture. Will be able to serve our country not only in the field of agriculture but in every field
If people from rural areas get higher education and become doctors, then they will be able to serve the society and country by opening hospitals in their area. With which their economy will also improve. This will lead to the development of society and the country.
People can get higher education and serve society by setting up private schools in their own areas where there is a shortage of schools. This will improve the education situation in rural areas and people will also get employment.

Importance of education in rural politics-
         Education is also important in the politics of rural areas. If the head, ward members and the committee are educated, then they will be able to use the schemes of the government properly, and the public will be able to take advantage of it. Taking full advantage of the schemes, you will be able to fully develop your areas
If the sarpanch and his Panch Panchayat are educated, then they will be able to solve the social problems of the people easily by strengthening the legal system in their jurisdiction. With which people will be able to solve mutual conflicts and other problems easily.
If the Panchayati Raj officials are educated, then they will be able to use the schemes run by the government to improve the education situation.

Impact of education in rural areas-
          The economy of rural areas was mainly based on agriculture. Agriculture was being practiced here by traditional methods. In which labor was given priority. Women and men used to participate in the days. Being a labor-intensive lifestyle, people here did not give much importance to education. Due to which the condition of education in rural areas is not good.
After the formation of the new education policy in 1986, the government laid special emphasis on the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. And carried out several campaigns. Which started showing a positive impact on society and people started accepting the importance of education.

Impact of education after migration to cities-
       Due to the economic condition of the rural areas, people had to leave the village for their livelihood and migrate to the cities. Seeing the educated atmosphere of the city, education had a great impact on the people coming from the village.
After seeing and understanding the lifestyle of educated people and the benefits of education, people realized that education is very important for human beings. After that, people in rural areas also started paying more attention to their children's education.
After taking the influence of education from the city, when people started getting their children educated, their lifestyle started changing. After seeing this, those people who were not going to the city were affected and those people also started focusing on the education of their children.

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