education in rural areas


education in rural areas

education in rural areas

The Indian education system has changed over time. A major change in our education system came with the colonization of the country by the British. The need to reform and reorganize our education system has been felt many times. However, no concrete steps have been taken in this direction so far.
The Indian education system  In Western countries the syllabus is considered to be quite light and based on practical knowledge, while in India the focus is on theoretical knowledge and rote scores.

      Students are expected to read all the chapters and bring good grades in the classroom. The competition is increasing day by day. Parents want their children to perform better than their peers and teachers want their class to do better than other classes.
The urge to stay ahead of the competition makes them so blind that they don't even realize that they are pushing children in the wrong direction. At an age when students should be given the opportunity to explore their interests and improve their creative side, they are pressured to follow a set curriculum and do one day and night to get good marks. goes.
      Instead of understanding the various concepts of Mathematics, Physics, and other subjects, students are given the full focus on learning the chapter. Therefore, the basis of the Indian education system is very unfair.
Indian education system-
       The Indian education system has seen quite a few changes since its inception. 
      The Indian education system went back to many centuries. From ancient times, children were sent to teachers to learn lessons on various subjects and to add value to their lives and to make them efficient to lead self-reliant lives. During ancient times, gurukuls were established in different parts of the country.


       Children used to go to Gurukul to get an education. He stayed in his ashram with his guru (teacher) until he completed his education.
     As the British colonized India, the Gurukul system began to erode as the British established schools that followed a separate education system. The subjects taught in these schools were quite different from the subjects taught in Gurukuls and study sessions were conducted in a similar way.
 This was not a very good chance-
      The students. Educomp Smart classrooms have been introduced in schools.
    These classes have brought about a positive change. Unlike earlier times when students only learned from books, they now see their lessons on a large widescreen installed in their classroom rooms. This makes the learning experience interesting and helps students understand better.
      Apart from this, many extra-curricular activities are also being started by the schools for the all-round development of the students.
Merits and demerits of the Indian education system-
      Teachers do not bother if students understand the concept or not, they all see what marks they have got
Schools in India are very particular about their timing, time table, ethical code, marking system, and study schedule. Students are required to follow the rules set by the school otherwise they are punished. 
Defects of the Indian education system-
     There are many problems in the Indian education system that hinder the proper growth and development of an individual. Students' intelligence is judged from a three-hour paper, not its practical abilities. Its rote ability is appreciated.
    In such a scenario, learning the lesson becomes the sole objective of the students to get good marks. They are not able to think beyond it. They do not think of understanding concepts or increasing their knowledge, they only try to learn ways to get good marks and beyond that their thinking does not work.
  No importance is given to practical education. Our education system encourages students to become bookworms and does not prepare them to deal with the real problems and challenges of life.
Such importance is given to academics that the need to involve students in sports and art activities are ignored. Along with studies, students are also dominating. Regular exams are conducted and students are examined at every step. This creates intense tension in the students. When they go to higher classes, students' stress levels keep increasing.


    The Indian education system is one of the oldest education systems worldwide. It is unfortunate that with the changing times and technological advancements there have been major changes in the education systems of other nations, but we are still stuck with the old and worldly system. Neither our system has seen any major change in the curriculum nor has there been any significant change in the way education is provided.

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