Sex Education In School Articles


Sex Education In School Articles

Sex Education In School 

Sex Education In School -
   In India, sex education is a subject that many people do not like to talk about even today.
But looking at the time when children also shy away from thinking about sex. And their parents could stop them from thinking about all these things. 

     Today's children are very curious about sexual things and are not afraid to ask questions related to them.

      Even today, there are many people in India who do not even realize the importance of sex education. These people do not understand that even if you do not talk about sex education, growing children will still It is natural to have thoughts related to it. Especially now that children spend more and more time on the internet where sexually related things are easily found.

Why sex education is important for children -

Many people believe that sex education means just talking about sex but this is not true.

Sex education is an action by which we give detailed information about sex to growing children so that they can have a perspective about sexual activity, close relationships, and their sexual identity. It also helps in generating understanding so that they are capable of taking important sexual decisions.

Sex education also makes children aware of physical changes during puberty which helps them to accept puberty. Moreover, through this education, we can explain to children how important it is for a healthy sex life to take safe and healthy decisions in life.

By getting sexual information, children are able to raise their voice against the physical abuse that occurs on them, it is understood that what is the right age of reproduction, how important it is to take protection during mating and before marriage. How harmful it can be to be.
How to talk to your children about sexual activity -

Many parents feel that sex education is a one-time discussion in which they only have to tell their children about the act of sex and about puberty. But it is not so.

The process of sex education becomes easier when we see it as a continuous action and discuss it in a few moments of everyday life.
For example, whenever you see an advertisement for a sanitary napkin while watching TV, on that occasion you can talk to your child about puberty and menstruation.

Only speak truthfully to your child-

Talk openly with your child about every topic related to sex and just give true information. If you are hesitant and anxious to talk about sexual activity, then share it with your child and together find a solution. If you do not know the answer to any of the questions asked by them, then instead of creating concocted stories, find the right answer with them. But make them realize how important it is to talk about it.

Try to understand your child-

The time of puberty is very exciting for a child. They go through many physical and mental changes that they find difficult to cope with.

As a parent, it is your duty to understand and comfort your child's feelings during puberty. Avoid telling them that it is considered bad to talk about all these things. In this way, you will only discourage them from talking sexually so that they will be forced to seek answers from elsewhere.

Encourage your children to ask questions-

Today's young children are forced to do many things under pressure from classmates, due to which they have to face many difficulties. At such times, your support becomes very important for them. Assure your child that you are standing with them and encourage them to share their problems with you. In this way, you will be able to guide them correctly.

Understand your child's sexual thoughts -

Sex education is not only about explaining sex. Through this action, it is necessary that we create the right attitude towards sex in our children.

We want to make them aware of the feelings behind the sexual relationship and explain its value.

Discuss the delicate topics carefully-

One of the duties of sex education is to instill in children the right sense of sex so that they grow up and respect everyone, so it is important that parents talk and try carefully about topics like homosexuality and sexual abuse. That you do not say anything bad about anything related to sex so that they misunderstand that it is wrong to talk about these things.

Importance of sex education in schools-

The early arrival of puberty and the availability of many sexually related things on the internet makes it necessary that we start giving sex education to children from an early age.
Many schools prefer to tell about sexual abuse and avoidance, starting in class two and three so that young children know what sexual abuse means and when they should raise their voice against it.
In detail, sex education should be studied between seventh to ninth grade when most of the children reach the puberty stage.

Sex education may still be a less popular subject in India, but its importance can never be ignored.

The right sexual information not only enables young children but also keeps in mind that children should always make the right decisions in their life and guide them in the right direction.

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