What is Game and Sport in Rural area


What is Game and Sport in Rural area

What is Game 

Games, which are called games in Hindi, are a way of entertainment in which more than one person plays together. In earlier times it was only a means of entertainment, but now it has also become a way to know the abilities of capable people around the world. For your information, would like to tell you that there is never one person in a game, it is necessary to have more than one person in it. And the people playing in the game are called players.

No one person gets separate fame in games. It contains the name of the entire team. Eg: Football, Cricket, Hockey, etc. These are all games and the people playing in them are players.

Have you ever heard?, that Cristiano Ronaldo has won in football, or Sachin Tendulkar has won in cricket? We always consider the team to be victorious. Eg: the India cricket team won this match, etc.

You will be surprised to know that both Sport and Game mean sport in Hindi, but English makes them different from each other. Because sports are those, where there is entertainment but in a different way. Yes, friends, it has also joined the competitions with entertainment like games.

Games and Sports are those in which only one person plays, the person playing in it is called an athlete or sportsperson. Sports include those sports in which only one person can perform. Such as Boxing, Badminton, Wrestling, Swimming, Race, Shooting, Chess, etc.

The person playing in these is known for his skill and not the team. And only the person playing in these is considered to be the winner and not whether it is said that the blue team won or the red team.

If we talk about badminton, then if Sania Mirza is playing in it and wins, then it will not be said that India won. It will be said here that Sania Mirza has won this tournament. a team here

There is only one person. We know all those people (athlete or sports person) for their skills and not just any team.

game and sport

Difference between Games and Sports-

More than one person plays in games whereas only one person performs in sports.

Those who play sports are called players while those who play sports are called athletes or sportspersons.

In sports, one person is not known separately, that is, the whole team exists in it, whereas in sports only one person gets fame, there is no meaning of team in it.

Sport is an activity or activity where the physical abilities of a sportsperson are looked into. On the other hand, the overall performance of the players is seen in the game which determines the winner in a game.

Games depend on strategy, Sport is based on individual performance and luck.

Sport is based on physical energy and game on mental strength.

The sport includes individual skills. In the game, it is the collective responsibility of a team.

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