What is education Types of education-


What is education Types of education-

 What is education Types of education-

Formal or regular education is the education that is given deliberately and deliberately. The child also receives this education consciously. This education is planned in advance and its goal is also fixed. In this, the child is given certain knowledge at a fixed time and regularly.


What are the different forms of education-

In this form of education, regular and irregular education or formal and informal education, school education is considered. Under regular education, work is done according to the earlier plan. The student is taught at a certain place, at a certain time, and in certain subjects.

What are the types of teaching-

type of teaching

a neural learning

democratic teaching

independent learning

How many forms of education are there-

(1) Formal and non-formal education-

Under the formal form of education, education is understood as a systematic process. In this form, through whichever medium of education is given, the primary objective is to educate the child, increase his mental level, and through education reach a certain goal.

How many parts of education are there-

The curriculum is such an axis that connects both the axes of the teacher and the child. In such a situation, if the curriculum is included in the process of education, then we will consider education as a three-way process rather than a two-way process, which has three parts - (1) teacher, (2) child, (3) curriculum.

What are the sources of teaching-

Some Key Learning Formulas

from simple to complex

from known to unknown

from macro to micro

from whole to part

from uncertain to definite

from direct to indirect

from specific to general

from analysis to synthesis

What is the importance of teaching formulas in mathematics-

Ease, simplicity, and acceptability are communicated in classroom teaching through the sources of teaching. Students understand the subject very well with less mental effort. Therefore, it is very important for a skilled teacher to have proper knowledge of all the teaching sources. A successful teacher should also know which formulas to use where

What is the use of teaching-

1- Skills are easily developed in the student teachers through micro-teaching. 

2- The quality of training increases through micro-teaching. 

3- In this way, the student-teacher gets to learn more in less time. 

4- Good teacher is made through micro-teaching.

What is the principle of teaching-learning-

Motivation is the main point of any teaching. The principle of motivation determines the goal of teaching. Moral, character, and cultural values ​​are developed in them. Motivation provides an internal force to the learner to remain active.

Define teaching What is its purpose-

meaning of teaching

Teaching is a three-dimensional process in which the teacher and the student realize their nature through the curriculum. That is, by making a subject matter a medium, we call teaching only the exchange of ideas or mutual interaction between the teacher and the learner.

What are the characteristics of a good teacher-

Good teaching is suited to the psycho-physical abilities of the students. Good education gives desired information. Good teaching is related to diagnostic, remedial, and evaluation tasks. In good teaching, there is an exchange of ideas between the teacher and the students.

What is the most important quality of a good teacher-

To enhance the quality of the teaching-learning process. To make learning more precise and realistic for the learners.

Other qualities of a teacher:

Loyal and dedicated.

Responsible and caring.

Fair to all children.

Good communication skills.

A good speaker and listener.

Taking care of the interest of the students.

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