benefits of Small lemon-Neebu


benefits of Small lemon-Neebu


    Small-looking lemon is a treasure trove of medicinal properties. Its juice is used to make a variety of refreshing drinks, from savory dishes. Even though lemon is sour in taste, the benefits of lemon are many. The use of lemon can be beneficial for the body in many ways. That is why in this article of Stylecrase, we will not only tell the properties of lemon but also share information about the ways in which lemon can be used.


medicinal properties of lemon

Lemon is mainly used for its sour juice. It has many medicinal properties. It is rich in vitamin C. Along with this, nutrients like calcium, potassium, and fiber are also present in it.

Apart from this, it is also enriched with anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties. At the same time, it can also be useful in purifying the blood and in case of asthma.


If a person's immunity is correct, then the person's body can avoid the risk of diseases. In such a situation, vitamin C can be very helpful in improving immunity. Vitamin C can protect the body from many types of physical problems.

lemon for acne

Lemon can be beneficial not only for health but also for the skin. Lemon juice or lemon oil can be applied on acne-affected skin

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