Basic education in rural areas is the first teacher mother of the child. It has great importance in rural education. The primary education of the child starts on the basis of the rural environment. Regional languages ​​are very important in rural education in rural areas.


    In the field of rural education, the Government of India is providing various types of facilities along with free books to the students so that no child is deprived of education due to poverty in the country and provided free education to all the students under the RTE Act Can go.

Rural Education India

     ग्रामीण शिक्षा के क्षेत्र में भारत सरकार छत्रो को फ्री किताबो के साथ साथ बिभिन्न प्रकार की सुविधाए मुहैया करा रही हैं जिससे की देश में गरीबी के कारण कोई भी बच्चा पढ़ने से वंचित न रहें और और आर टी ई एक्ट के अंतर्गत सभी को छात्रों को मुफ्त शिक्षा सके। 


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Rural Education System In India and its objectives

Rural Education System In India  and its objectives Rural Education -          In the field of  rural education , the government has a...

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