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Mid-day-meal scheme
   Rural education India Mid-Day-Meal food is a very good scheme. Under this program, rural children are excited to come to school and along with rural educationmid-day meals are also provided to the children, so that children come to school in this program. Has increased in attendance.

     Under Mid-Day-Meal, rural children are eager to come to school because the mid-day meal program is organized according to the menu, so that children get something new to eat every day and sometimes rural people also benefit from this scheme. Let's take it. And check whether the group is giving quality food, making the mid-day meal, which also keeps the group in awe and arranges for quality food that benefits the students.
Mid-day-meal scheme
Mid-day-meal scheme
       The main objective is to develop the feeling of children coming to school through rural education and the mid-day meals are full of interest. One thing is true that the people living in rural areas are poor and the working class is more so that they are unable to pay attention to their children and not even aware of education, due to which some children have to leave their middle education. And wages have to be paid for the upbringing of their family. Poverty is the main problem in the rural area.

      First of all under the rural education, Madras Municipal Corporation started the mid-day meal program for poor children in 1925 and by 1980, these 3 states of India, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Kerala, these union territories on their own strength for rural children from 1990 to 1991 Till mid-day meal program was carried out and this was later extended to 12 states.  

           The biggest initiative of the Government of India in the field of rural education is that today all the government schools are providing many facilities with free mid-day meals which are benefiting the students of rural areas. Little and poor children come to school only for food and play and they get their competencies fulfilled through education in sports and sports, all these have been made possible through qualified teachers in rural areas.     
Mid-day-meal scheme

     Mid Day Meal is aimed at increasing enrollment of children in schools and their attendance is being maintained in the school and the children are also getting nutritious food, the National Nutrition Program through rural education has been started from 15 August 1995. The scheme was first introduced in 2408 VLACOs in the country. It was started in all Vlakos in the country from 1997-98 and in 2002 it was enlarged to all classes of classes 1 to 5 studying in government schools and non-government institutions.

      Today, the mid-day meal program is being run in every government school in India, in which rural and urban students are taking advantage of this scheme and have food.


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