Rural Compulsory Education in India


Rural Compulsory Education in India

compulsory education -

  1. Rural Education India specialized training -
  2. Rural Education India Ban on skinning -
  3. Rural Education India Restriction on capital fees
  4. Rural Education India Will not be stopped in class -
  5. Rural Education India Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation -
  6. Rural Education India School Management Committee -
  7. Rural Education India Recognition of private schools
  8. Rural Education India Norms for school operation
  9. Rural Education India Number of teachers -
compulsory education in the Act means -
All the children of 6 to 14 years of age should have their names registered in the school -
All enrolled children attend school regularly -
Complete all classes from 1 to 8 -

 Rural Education India

 Rural Education India 
 Rural Education India

Rural Education India School facility -

The Madhya Pradesh State Right to Education Rules has been made under the Act. There is a provision to open schools from class 1 to 5 in a radius of one kilometer from each habitation, but there should be at least 40 children in that place.

    To open the school from class 6 to 8, this distance is 3 kilometers and the number of children has been kept 12.

The state government is running several schemes for these children -
 Rural Education India

  • 2 teachers on 60 children
  • 3 teachers on 61 to 90 children
  • 4 teachers from 91 to 120 children
  • 5 teachers on 121 to 200 children
  • A teacher on 40 children over 201
  • 1 headteacher for 150 children
 Rural Education India

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