Rural Education Development Program in India


Rural Education Development Program in India

Rural Education Development Program in India

Rural development-
          Rural development means both economic reform and major social change of the people. Increased participation of people in rural development programs, decentralization of schemes, better implementation of land reforms and aiming to improve people's lives by making the easy achievement of loans.
Rural development

The following major programs are being run by the Rural Development Department in rural areas.

(i) Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) for providing employment.

(ii) National Rural  Mission (NRLM) for self-employment and skill development

(iii) Indira Awas Yojana (IAY) to provide housing to families below the poverty line

(iv) Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) to make good roads

(v) National Social Assistance Program (NSAP) for social pension

Fundamental Rights-
         Fundamental Rights 
      13 Laws inconsistent with or contempt of fundamental rights
    15 There can be no discrimination in the name of religion or caste.

     21A Right to Education-
[Incorporated by the 86th Amendment in December 2002 and passed by Parliament on July 2009. The provisions of the Act came into force from 1 April 2010]
     28 Freedom of religion and culture in educational institutions

Rights of Minorities for Establishment and Administration of 30 Educational Institutions. 
Rural development

Importance of education in rural areas-
       Our country is an agricultural country and rural areas are mostly dependent on agriculture. If the people of rural areas will be educated, then they will be able to strengthen their economic condition by using the new technology of agriculture. You will be able to serve your country not only in the field of agriculture but in every field.
       People can get higher education and serve society by setting up private schools in their own areas where there is a shortage of schools. Due to this, the condition of education in rural areas will be better and people will also get employment.

Importance of education in rural politics-
       Education is also important in the politics of rural areas. If the head, ward members and the committee are educated, then they will be able to use the schemes of the government properly, and the public will be able to take advantage of it. Taking proper advantage of the schemes, you will be able to fully develop your areas.
       If the sarpanch and his Panch Panchayat are educated, then they will be able to solve the social problems of the people easily by strengthening the legal system in their jurisdiction. With which people will be able to solve their problems, conflicts and other problems easily.

Education in rural areas-
      Parents of high-level children are not educated in rural areas due to which their quality of elementary education is not complete. Due to the lack of quality primary education, more children do not get a quality education. Not being able to educate parents is also a big problem in the path of education.
       Not having an educated environment is also a big problem. Most of the villages which are located far from the cities still lack the educated atmosphere. I surveyed the rural areas of our region Sitamarhi, even today there are many villages where people are not fully aware of education. Especially there is a lack of education in the Muslim community.
        Non-strengthening of education in government schools is also a problem. However, the schemes run by the government have benefited. But still, there is no such education in government schools as it should be for quality education.
Rural development

Impact of education in rural areas-
      The economy of rural areas was mainly based on agriculture. Agriculture was being practiced here by traditional methods. In which labor was given priority. Men and women used to participate in the days. Being a labor-intensive lifestyle, people here did not give much importance to education. Due to which the condition of education in rural areas is not good.
     After taking the influence of education from the city, when people started getting their children educated, their lifestyle started changing. Seeing that those people who did not go to the city were affected and those people also started focusing on the education of their children.
      Under social awareness, efforts are being made to diagnose them with the cause of contemporary problems such as women empowerment, child marriage, female feticide, witchcraft, and human trafficking, etc.

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