Rural Education In India -Problems / Solutions / Development


Rural Education In India -Problems / Solutions / Development

     The main reason for the low level of rural education in India is that most of the people living in rural areas live below the poverty line, these people have to pay wages to manage their food. There is a need to motivate working-class people under rural education in India.
     The working class is more in rural areas because these people did not understand the meaning of education due to lack of education and they do not show interest in teaching their children too.
     The Government of India is running many types of facilities under rural education, but the working-class people are not able to take advantage of those schemes due to which the main problem is that the children of rural areas are deprived of education.
   Due to wages in rural areas, these people are not able to send their children to government schools because when the householders go to work, then their children stay at home and take care of the house and support their younger siblings, due to which their Studies are interrupted.
Rural Education In India -Problems-Solutions-

     The working class works under rural education due to which they are unable to provide education to their children. But if these people meet and discuss the quality of their education and the future of their children, they should be explained about its profit and loss and this work can be done by being in constant contact with them.
     These people should be fully informed about the importance of education and the schemes of the government, which will create excitement in them and they will give consent to send their children to school. Today, even the poorest of the poor want to teach their children, this spirit has to be developed.
     Education in rural areas will have to be expanded and this objective can be met with the cooperation of working-class people and providing education to their children under the Right to Education Act is the priority of this community.
Rural Education In India -Problems-Solutions-

    The government is running various types of schemes under rural education, the benefit of these schemes should be matched to all the students of the country.
  Today, large research is done regarding the education department, which benefits the students a lot, many types of schemes are being run by the government.
    Such as Mid-Day Meal, Uniform, Scholarship, Books, Cycle,
   And for the students coming in the merit list, laptops on the lane above 85 /, thereafter 40 types of scholarships which the government benefits from the primary level till graduation.
  Facilities in government schools are also available in every government middle / high school, from computers to all types of facilities.
You are the best solution to get your child admitted to a government school.
Rural Education In India -Problems-Solutions-

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