Sports And Education Facilities In Rural Areas India


Sports And Education Facilities In Rural Areas India

Sports And Education Facilities In Rural Areas

        The government is promoting students in sports and education facilities in rural areas. Sports are very important in rural education. Education in sports is the main objective of the government.
          Sports in life are a special requirement of the human body. Similarly, when a small child lies on the bed and walks with his hands and feet, he keeps doing his workout, in the same way, we should also adopt exercise in our daily routine to live a healthy life. He fulfills all the tasks of life, whether mental or physical, if a person plays a game then he can remain healthy.
         Education of children in sports through education in rural areas is the ambition of the government so that poor students living in rural areas also get the opportunity to play sports and can bring out their talents and tell their skills.
Rural Sports And Education

        Children can play at the rural level, but today due to this increasing population, there is a lack of ground in the cities, due to which the children are not able to play and the children are wasting their time watching mobile and TB. Today, there is a lot of problem of playing in front of the children. Parents cannot leave the children alone for a long time because it is a time of filth and the parents also want that the child should stay at home no matter what. Why not run the mobile but we will not refuse him because he is at home.
        It is very easy to play in rural areas because even if the small village and all the people know the child will be out of sight, it will be in everyone's eyes because everyone knows each other and there is no shortage of fields in rural areas. Children have played a lot. There is no restriction.
       There is a lot of ground for playing games in rural areas from which many types of games can be played.
 Examples -
     Apart from this, there are many other local sports that children can play, children from rural areas are experts in both outdoor and indoor sports, but they need to be raised above the rural areas but no one does it for free. But if the teacher of the village has arrangements in his school, then he can reach this task and make the future of these children.
Rural Sports And Education

     There are middle schools and primary schools in rural areas which are small and it may not be possible to have such facilities, yet these efforts can be done with the efforts of the teacher. Gram Panchayats can also fulfill these responsibilities with the help of these talents with the support of the Panchayat and the villagers.
      Sports have been made compulsory for the students through education, the government has made sports mandatory with education from primary to college as the child learns the qualities of good habits with discipline and concentration brotherhood physical development from sports.

Many diseases are overcome by play -
     Sports are the easiest and simplest way for our physical exercise and mental development. By playing sports regularly, we get rid of many diseases. Obesity, heart disease, increasing weight gain to protect our body. The government is making the children aware of the game and abiding by their rules and to make the children aware of the benefits of our body, in comparison to the ancient game, the scope of play is much more in today's era, now the children till national and international play Can go and the winning players are also given honor facilities and jobs.
Rural Sports And Education

Level of play and country expression -
       Huge amount of money is spent on organizing sports, so every country of the world is ready to organize sports in its country to boost its economy. When sports are played in any country, the countrymen are excited to see it and pray to God to bring the players of their country to win medals. The countrymen feel proud after winning medals by the players of the country and this develops a feeling of patriotism in the mind of every countryman.

Healthy mind - in a healthy body-

         It is said that a healthy body is inhabited by a healthy body, it means that in order to move forward in life, it is necessary to have a healthy body and a developed mind. If you do the work, then you get success in it, playing the game increases the confidence and concentration, so that the goal is easily achieved, the experience of which will be useful in the life too. Huh.

Rural Sports And Education

The conclusion-
          Indian athletes are showing their participation in sports at every national and international level and are constantly working hard in the competition and also achieving success. Indian players had won very few gold medals in the last Olympic Games. But there was no lack of courage and enthusiasm anywhere in his game. India is a pioneer in many sports like hockey, wrestling, cricket, etc. Nowadays the method of selection of players has become discriminatory, the whole process has gone online. The best player is chosen from among those students. Those who play very well at the school level and state level. Currently, the situation of sports in India has changed a lot. This is a great area to gain popularity and success. Therefore it has been linked to education. If someone plays a good game. So it does not require education. Or if anyone is good at reading. So it is not necessary that he should be good at sports too - according to his interest, he can join sports. This means that anyone can participate in sports, whether educated or uneducated, sports and education complement each other.     

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