What is rural education in India and how can we change it


What is rural education in India and how can we change it

      Under the rural education, a small child is like wet clay, the teacher can make it like it is, compared to the first literacy rate in India, the government is arranging for young and callable teachers in rural areas who go to the rural areas. Providing education to. 
       If the education policy of a country is strong, then the education system of that country is strengthened, if the teacher gets all this, he will never back out of his teaching duties.
      Today there is no support for rural education, at present 90 percent of middle school children are not fit to fall in class 9, teachers are not responsible for the plight of education because only children who are in classes 1, 2, 3, Should have failed in 4, 5, if he reaches class 9 today, then due to the rule of failure of education department. 
      People say that the teacher did not pay attention to the education of the children, but the government should pay attention to them, then 1 or 2 teachers on 80 children and they are also sc and sometimes obc, sometimes the whole scholarship, sometimes the basis, or how many are still open How many latrines were SMC in the village ever Ever PTA. 
     Census, counting, uniform, cycle, base, account, aggregate, rubella, albendazole, mid-day meal, gas connection. 
       Just like if the teacher wants to teach the children free of all this, then by making the 15-day course of 3 months, the 11-page book is made of 400 pages, and then the red circle surround every workbook every copy, the teacher himself Prepared but then the burden of teacher handbook teacher is on the teacher's head. 
      But in this phase of change, teachers are vigilant and patient about rural education, who always perform their duties with full honesty. 
 rural education in India

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