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मंगलवार, 5 नवंबर 2019

Education Or Business Benefits -Rural India

            Anything being exchanged is subject to trade. The larger the field of knowledge a person has, the larger his world is. Consequently, based on that knowledge area, it conducts business, hence only the knowledge sector should always strive for expansion. Everyone is a businessman and he is also a customer for the other. If people are doing business by exchanging. It is unfortunate in the education sector that we could not include such an important subject related to life as "business" in the syllabus as a compulsory subject. 

            Every business is born with an idea. The idea first originates and then the business based on it develops. The leader of exchange based on an idea is the merchant and the customer involved in the exchange. "Ramayana", "Mahabharata", "Ramcharitmanas" etc. have been written based on an idea. It is the renunciation of Valmiki, Maharishi Vyas, and Goswami Tulsidas, making it a business opportunity for others.
        At present, access to computers and computers is also increasing rapidly. Running a computer and the internet is not only knowledge. Running is art. Turning art into business is truth and wisdom. It is necessary to study and meditate on how we can do business with computers and the internet. In this regard, the statement of Bharat Ratna and former President APJ Abdul Kalam is absolutely true that "Knowledge can be converted into wealth only through innovation.

       The world has become very fast. Man's busyness is increasing. Everyone needs a lot in a short time. So there is also a need for such education which makes us fully educated in a short time. If a person normally studies till graduation, then how many pages will he have read and got Is it worth considering How many pages till a person becomes an engineer and a doctor? This is a career study, in addition to the story, poem, novel, film, etc., a man spends his time for entertainment.

        Is subject to consideration. Such people, whose money is being managed systematically, they are not interested in the need for knowledge or the need for the attainment of it, but they forget that the need for knowledge is more for those who have a future and they need that which is needed by the country, society, and the world. Let's form a policy. There is a need for such a base from which both future generations and thinkers of world-building can get a direction. Those who are machined

       After all, they too are engaged in the development of the world, they will not need the knowledge of their children. For which they spend a long time and money on them. Much of the reason for poverty, unemployment, etc. is due to lack of knowledge, meditation, consciousness, etc. in human beings. The man keeps on running for life, bread, wealth, etc., but if he only tries 6 months in advance on subjects like knowledge, meditation, consciousness, then eternal paths of development are opened in front of him.

         For many years from childhood, parents and parents send money to their children's school, which item does the child bring from there, is a matter of consideration? The name of the item that the child brings from there is "education" and from where he brings it is "business center of education". In this way, the business centers of different education and learning are running and opening up in the enlightenment leading to development in todays and coming time. Many students also go into the "read and teach" trade with different trades.

        The prosperity of any country depends on the literacy ratio of the population of that country. Although there are many other reasons for prosperity apart from literacy, it can be said with full conviction that the progress of a country's state or family is not possible without education. Without education, the human is like an animal, because education itself helps in building civilization and culture and makes human superior to other beings.


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