Importance of education in India-Rural Education


Importance of education in India-Rural Education

Rural Education In India 

         Rural Education In India Before discussing the importance of education and its benefits, let's have a look at the state of education in India. There has been a revolutionary awareness of education in India. But its status is still not appreciable. Especially in rural areas, education is not good. For you and your children

    Rural Education In India Even in the big cities here, education has not touched its leather border. High-class people who are very rich. Their children all get educated in good schools. They are not short of anything, so they get an education easily.

    After that those who have enough money, educate their children by studying in good schools. People who do not have enough money, somehow get their children educated up to high school.

       After that, the child starts thinking of earning money by seeing the financial condition of his parents. By the way, very few children in the family have addresses after getting higher education. The state of education in India hides here and at a lower level than this.

      Rural Education In India Talking about those who live below the poverty line, the government has made good arrangements for their children up to high school. Government schools have provided the facility of dress money, mid-day meal, satraps, cycles, etc. 

      Its benefits are also seen. People are taking advantage of this. Those below the poverty line somehow get education up to high school. But after that, they do not get a higher education.

       Education status in India will not be fully strengthened only by the higher class of people being educated. To improve its status as a whole, people of all categories need to get higher education.

           Rural Education In India Government and non-governmental organizations need to take concrete steps for this. We all need to be aware to improve the state of education in India. We should work in this field as much as possible at our level


Importance of education in India-

              Rural Education In India Education is a sun that shines its light on humans. And the rays emanating from this shine not only the family, society, country but the whole world. Education is a perfume inside human beings that keeps on smelling society with its fragrance. Education teaches us the highest style of living. It creates a good character in humans. 

        Only an educated person can become a doctor, engineer, pilot, lawyer, and good businessman, etc. An educated person can do any work very well. It is said that a human being can never remain hungry.

Importance of education in employment-

      Rural Education In India The importance of education is and always will be in human life. Education develops man's abilities. The more educated a person is, the better his career is.

    An educated person gets a job at a good post in any company. His salary is also good. Whereas those who are not educated do not get a good post job in any company. And their salary is also less than educated people.

    No one can fool an educated person quickly or exploit him. Those who are not educated can easily be fooled. And those people easily become victims of exploitation.

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