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Activity In Yoga - Yoga In My School

Activity In Yoga 

Yoga has eight parts -
(i) Yama ,
(ii) Niyam ,
(iii) Asana,
(iv) Pranayama,
(v) Pratyahara,
(vi) Dharna,
(vii) Dhyana ,
(viii) Samadhi,.
           The above eight organs also have their own sub organs. Currently, only three parts of yoga are in vogue - asana, pranayama, and meditation.


Yoga is science:- 'Yoga is not a religion, faith, and superstition. Yoga is simple science. Is experimental science. Yoga is the art of living life. Yoga is a complete medical practice. Yoga is the complete path - in fact, religion binds people to the pegs and yoga shows the path of liberation from all kinds of pegs.

     Ashtanga Yoga:- Patanjali has created eight steps to reach God, to the truth, to himself, to salvation. If you climb only one ladder, you will not have to push for the second, only the emphasis is on the first. Take the initiative Know that yoga is a scientific process to progress towards that ultimate power. If you have left then you will reach.

   Yoga is a larger subject. You must have heard - jnana-yoga, bhakti-yoga, dharma-yoga, and karma-yoga. In all these, the word Yoga is associated. You must have heard hatha-yoga too, but excluding all this which is Raja Yoga, it is the yoga of Patanjali.

   This yoga has the highest circulation and importance. We know this yoga by the name of Ashtanga Yoga. Ashtanga yoga means eight types of parts of yoga. Patanjali has categorized all the disciplines of yoga into eight organs.

    If you want to know God, know the truth, attain attainments or just be healthy, then from today yoga will have to start from the bottom of the body. Change the body, the mind will change. If you change your mind, your intellect will change.

   The first five organs of nature prepare to enter yoga, that is, the practice of swimming is confined to these five limbs before leaping into the sea and crossing Bhavsagar. Without doing them, you cannot cross Bhavsagar and those who do not jump by doing them will remain here. Many people become successful in these five and destroy their lives by telling the miracles of yoga.

    Change yourself: You have to know God, you have to know the truth, you have to achieve achievements or just to be healthy, then you have to start from the bottom of the body. Change the body, the mind will change. If you change your mind, your intellect will change. If the intellect changes, the soul will automatically be healthy. The soul is healthy. Only a healthy self can be attained to samadhi.



     Those who have malice in their brain always live in worry, fear, and doubt. He sees life as a struggle, not a pleasure. All kinds of mind movements are restrained by yoga - the inner sense of the mind, the intellect, ego and mind. If you want, you can call it an unconscious mind, but this conscience is considered even more subtle.

     All the religions of the world want to occupy this mind, so they have kept people from their religion by creating various rules, action scandals, planetary constellations and fear of God.

     Yoga does not teach to believe nor to doubt. And between faith and doubt, the sum is very against skepticism. Yoga says that you have the ability to know, use it.

     You can see more than you have eyes, which are not visible in general. You have ears, they can also be heard from what is called Anahata. Anahata means the sound that is not born of any impact, which is known as Om Gyanijan, the same is Amen, the same is Omin and Omkar.

     Finally, firstly you make your senses sacrifice. Make the body fit And make this mind your own slave. And it is very easy to do everything-

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