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शुक्रवार, 11 अक्तूबर 2019

Rural Education Facilities In Rural Areas School And Basic Education

            Basic Education In Rural Areas Under the basic education in rural areas, the child's primary education begins on the basis of rural environments. The child's first teacher is the mother. It and its regional language are very important in rural education. Teaching the child in the regional language through rural education is very important In rural Education in Rural Areas. So that he can develop his mind and learn about his surroundings.

Rural Education Facilities

       Language has been given priority in rural areas. Most of the people of India are still living in rural areas, who work as wages; In rural areas, wages are the only source of their primary income so that they nurture their family, but Now in this phase of change, teachers for rural education are also gearing up and they too are doing all their hard work in rural areas
      The quality of education in rural areas was not a common topic for which the teacher was blamed for this, but now, given the circumstances, the teachers are also doing their work with full honesty and the government is also providing full support to the children for free. Providing books, dresses, bicycles and more.
      The issue of one private school is also going on in rural areas. Private schools attract children with greed and thus the problem of enrollment in government schools in rural areas also arises. These people lure the poor people of rural areas and get their children admitted and then harass them for fees, do not give them TCs for not paying the fees, which ruins their year-long studies and that child again Attends government school. 
Rural Education Facilities

      A revolutionary initiative has taken place in rural education since 2002, the Right to Compulsory Child Education Act was enacted which curbed child labor and inspired rural children to go to school, their parents also supported them and agreed to send children to school.
        Private Schools have also contributed to the Rural Education, in areas where there were no schools, it was easy for the students to study with the opening of private schools, Before the children of the village used to walk 3-4 km and complete their education, so this step was appreciated. Huh. Another reason is that 25 percent of RTE students are being recruited in private schools, which benefits the rural people. But in a few days, the system of government Schools is on the verge of closure, Enrollment in rural government schools is a maximum of 5-20 per School, on which all the Government has to spend the Amount of teachers and Maintenance of schools.
Rural Education Facilities



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Rural education In India

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